Who is a podiatrist and what does he do?

Who is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is also a medical specialist who specialized in dealing with problems related to the foot and lower leg. They also help in healing the injured foot, which is due to complications to health such as diabetes. They are also referred to as podiatric physician or doctor of podiatric medicines.

Are Podiatrist Doctors?

Podiatrists do not go through the conventional medical schools. The podiatrists go to schools and professional institutions that are mainly built for them. They have the degree of DPM, which means a doctor of podiatric medicine.

A podiatrist has the license to perform surgeries, fix broken bones. Diagnostic tests like lab tests and X-rays and can prescribe medication if they find it necessary.  They are often found working with another specialist in instances where the feet and lower leg are affected. In the United States, podiatrists are given a license, and the government of the US regulates them.

What does Podiatrist Do?

A podiatrist is licensed to treat people of any age who are going through a foot or lower leg related conditions. These conditions may be one of the following;


  1. Fractures and sprain

Fractures and sprains are one of the most common foot injuries. It is something that everyone must have experienced once in their lifetime. Podiatrists are professionals when it comes to treating these injuries. That is why podiatrists are hired for athletes and sports. When working in sports medicines, podiatrists also counsel the athletes on how to avoid such injuries.


  1. Bunions and Hammertoes

Bunion and hammertoes are the problems associated with bones in feet.  A bunion is when the joint of the big toes near the base gets displaced. It results in the toe bending towards the other toes. A hammertoe happens when the toe is not bending right.


  1. Nail disorder of the feet

When the toenails become infected with any microorganism, such as fungal, bacterial, it develops into a painful condition. Toenails might even get ingrown nails, which are quite painful if left untreated.


  1. Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition that results in a lot of other conditions. It can affect the nerves of the legs and feet. People who have diabetes their foot amputated due to this complication. A podiatrist can help in the prevention of this. If you have diabetes, then you must get your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist.

  1. Arthritis

Arthritis causes swelling and inflammation of the bones and joints. It causes severe and chronic pain in patients. Podiatrist helps by recommending physical therapies to help arthritic patients. Surgery might also be performed if the physical therapies don’t work well for the patient.


  1. Growing pain

A child feeling pain in the feet or leg might be either due to the legs bending inwards or outwards. The podiatrist might recommend exercises, braces for such kids so that their legs are properly aligned and fall flat on their soles.


  1. Heel pain

The buildup of calcium in heel bone may cause pain while walking. It can happen by constantly running or wearing ill-fitted shoes or just by being overweight. A podiatrist might start treatment for this condition by prescribing pain killers and fixing the underlying cause of the conditions.


  1. Morton’s Neuroma

Pain and burning between third and fourth toe bones may be due to nerve problems. Tight shoes and overpronation may be the leading cause of this. A podiatrist might relieve your pain by giving you anti-inflammatory shots and pain medications.

PODOSmart – The New and Smart Technology


Podosmart is the new certified medical device that does all of the analysis mentioned above in less than thirty seconds. Podosmart is also known to diagnose and detect any changes in the person’s strides, for example, limp or abnormal pronation and supination in the patient’s strides. Podosmart utilizes insoles that are placed in the patient’s shoes. These insoles use artificial intelligence algorithms and precisely detect any abnormalities in the patient’s stride with the help of biomechanical data provided through Bluetooth.

Podosmart also includes a smart interface that allows the physician to visually analyze the entire activity of the patient on a smart screen such as a tablet or computer. The patient can also view it, and hence Podosmart is considered to be one of the modern advanced methods of analyzing a patient’s strides.



A podiatrist is an expert who is helpful in conditions that are often to minor to be looked at. Even if you are a person with healthy feet, you should get them checked by a podiatrist so that you may prevent any conditions that might still be in the developmental phase.

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